Welcome the ‘New Realities - New Productivity’ update

The update has three cornerstone features that will further improve the productivity, accessibility, and overall experience of enterprise virtual collaboration.

Arthur is a leading virtual reality (VR) office provider that enables enterprises to create large-scale virtual offices with advanced, fully immersive, and collaborative environments. Today, we announce the ‘New Realities - New Productivity’ update with three cornerstone features. This update further improves Arthur’s leading position to leverage the arrival of truly enterprise-ready VR headsets and capture the expanding interest of enterprises in virtual collaboration. 

Your virtual office available via browser

One such cornerstone feature is the Web Viewer which will allow enterprises to join their Arthur VR offices directly from their browser. While we maintain that in-VR experience of Arthur is the pinnacle, the Web Viewer expands the possibilities and allows clients to include team members and clients without access to VR headsets. Even though headset use is growing globally, access to headsets is nowhere near as widespread as computers. The ability to access the Arthur VR office from a work laptop is expected to significantly improve ease of access and make the business metaverse more accessible for enterprises.

The full work setup with a new workstation

Another new feature that improves accessibility and productivity in VR is the new workstation feature which allows users to seamlessly access their laptop and desktop screens in Arthur via a companion app. The ability to easily transfer content between the leading work device for many, i.e. a computer, and the Arthur virtual office will improve interoperability. Such interoperability is expected to expand the use cases and their benefit in day-to-day use through the integration of VR collaboration in the day-to-day workflow. Further, using the mixed reality features to pair the workstation with a keyboard will create the ultimate productivity experience.

New Avatars with Face&Eye-Tracking that elevate realism

A third key feature is a full-body avatar, complete with the option of face and eye tracking. Our photorealistic avatars have already garnered praise from clients for how realistic they make the VR meetings. This update will significantly improve that realism to provide an unparalleled immersive experience for working, collaborating, and training across an increasingly remote workforce.

We, Arthur, have been at the forefront of innovation in the VR collaboration space since 2016 when we piloted the first versions of our solution. Led by our Founder and CEO, Christoph Fleischmann, we continue to build a strong product, team, and understanding of enterprise needs from a VR office solution. Today, we provide a range of Fortune 500 businesses and international organizations with a VR office solution focused on enabling the best remote productivity and opening new ways of working. Arthur, in combination with the new generation of enterprise-ready VR headsets like the Meta Quest Pro, can help break the duality of physical office work and videoconferencing, and enable a new way of working that gives people the flexibility of work location without affecting their productivity. Our top-tier clientele, such as PwC, Societe Generale, NTT Data, and the United Nations, leverage the solution to be pioneers of their industry in utilizing VR offices to reimagine work. The New Realities - New Productivity update will unlock further uptake of VR offices and enable enterprises to explore new ways of working, new possibilities of value generation, and new frontiers of employee satisfaction via flexibility and inclusion.

“As a company, our mission is to transform the way we work,” said Mr. Fleischmann. “We have been proud to see our clients leverage their VR offices in an increasing number of ways to improve productivity and generate significant value already in the early days of VR collaboration. The arrival of Web Viewer and Workstation unlocks entirely new levels of accessibility and productivity. With these features, I can bring more team members and stakeholders into my VR office and seamlessly collaborate with improved access to all our materials in our prominent work devices i.e. laptops and PCs. This level of accessibility and interoperability further tears down the barriers to VR collaboration. Coupled with the realism of Arthur’s industry-leading photo-realistic avatars, we will enable our enterprise clients to be at the forefront of innovation and craft a better way of working. In today’s digital world, forcing employees back into physical offices should not be necessary, significant business travel should not be necessary, and adapting our whole lives around the location of our work opportunities should not be necessary. The New Realities - New Productivity update will help us make VR collaboration more accessible and unlock another frontier in enabling a future of work that is better and apt for our current world and needs.”

Arthur VR office solution is built for enterprises. Alongside the three cornerstone features, the ‘New Realities - New Productivity’ update expands our solution’s integration with other enterprise tools. We also announce the general availability of single sign-on i.e., SSO to benefit enterprises and improve ease of access. Furthermore, our users can now leverage integration with Microsoft OneDrive to seamlessly access their OneDrive files directly in the Arthur VR office.

Our solution already addresses the needs of a wide variety of global industries, including energy, pharmaceuticals, consulting, insurance, finance, and others. We continue to gain significant traction, with usage continuously increasing. In 2022, enterprise users have spent more time than ever in the Arthur VR office. By the end of 2022, the number of our active users is more than 2.5 times higher compared to December 2021.

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