Make the virtual office your own. Collaborate in different settings with your team, partners or clients


The feeling of being in the same room combined with countless digital productivity tools, from pinboard and text labels to mind maps and complex 3D charts

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Client Meetings

Vast spaces and digital productivity tools for a successful pitch, QBR, or strategic planning, with 0 travel

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Team Meetings

All kinds of internal meetings – from daily standups to role playing exercises and reviews, there are no limits

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Events and Team Bonding

Company-wide socializing events, conferences or team building. You can grab a virtual drink or meet up in a cafeteria and share news

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Replicate real-life scenarios, with digital tools and capabilities inherent only in VR, to advance your team's skills

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Learning and Development

Replicate real-life scenarios, with digital tools and capabilities inherent only in VR, and advance your team's skills.

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Team Activities

Team building and employee engagement is the cornerstone of company culture. Organize company-wide social events, conferences, or team-building activities.

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Presentations and keynotes

Conduct presentations and keynotes at any scale and avoid the limitations of physical space, costs, and geography.

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Combining the feeling of being in the same room with countless digital productivity tools elevates the possibility of collaboration to a whole new level.

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Conduct cross-functional and cross-company events such as a PI Planning SAFe® or explore Agility on the team level with a Scrum Sprint or Co-Creation Workshop.

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Onboarding and Recruitment

Build stronger relationships, present information in an interactive and engaging way, and allow easy and linear delivery of information through the use of productivity tools.

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Get ready for hybrid work. Explore how other companies have started to make the shift

Arthur enables Societe Generale to host Client Meetings

Client meetings

French multinational banking firm Societe Genrale is using Arthur to host complex remote meetings with clients, managers, and analyts and deliver an innovative user experience.

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Arthur Helps ITCILO To Organize Seminars and Workshops


Multiple agencies within the United Nations are collaborating in VR training seminars and workshops - facilitated by the expert group ITCILO.

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How PwC Uses Arthur For Client Workshops


The global leading professional services firm PwC has been using Arthur for both internal and client workshops in different formats that require lots of creativity and productivity.

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This virtual environment is so powerful because it helps our participants become active learners, immersing them in an engaging and effective way to learn key communication skills. We're thrilled to be able to offer an early glimpse of metaverse technology to our Senior Associates, helping to develop their ability to build human connections in a fully digital world.

Simon Marsden

Head of Learning Design at PwC UK

Virtual Reality is one of the essential building blocks of our digital ecosystem and it is changing the way we teach, learn, and share knowledge. It has a high market potential for us because it provides an immersive learning experience. 

Andreas Klemmer

Director of Training at ITCILO

Arthur allows us to present complex research content to our clients in an innovative and efficient way. The vast virtual spaces enable us to dive deep into our analysis - with the right experts for the topic present, no matter the physical location. VR saves our researchers a lot of time and allows them to focus on producing quality research output.

Frank Burkhardt

Managing Director at Societe Generale

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