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Scalability. Organize dynamic meetings with 70+ active and engaged participants.

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Frequently asked questions

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Why should I use VR collaboration over video conferencing ?

The advantages are rooted in the fact that it is not really a ‘videoconferencing 2.0’ solution, but rather an in-person meeting and collaboration solution in the digital world.

Video conferencing tools fail to convey the ‘magic’ feeling you get when you meet in person.

This is because videoconferences don’t have a spatial element and are rather linear, which prevents them from giving you the feeling of being in the same space as your counterparts.

In Arthur, you can use 3D space the same way it is used in real life.

Arthur enables you to place content in virtual rooms and work on complex topics that you simply cannot cover in a videoconference; it also enables you to meet up in large groups and split up into smaller ones to work on different topics simultaneously.

Do I need a VR headset to use Arthur?

While we recommend using a VR headset to get the fully immersive and personal experience, you don’t need one to use Arthur. We have 2D viewing options available, so having a laptop with an internet connection will enable you to not only listen in on meetings, but actively participate as well.

Is Arthur platform-dependent?

Arthur is not platform-dependent. We support most common VR headsets (e.g. HTC, Oculus, Pico) that can be used to access our virtual offices. Additionally, we have 2D viewing options for laptop or desktop users without a headset – iOS and Android-based smartphone support will be added in the future.

What differentiates Arthur from other VR tools?

You can truly utilize virtual spaces in the same way physical office space is traditionally used, which maximizes the level of productivity you can achieve.

To sum up:

• You can use space to arrange content in the virtual office more effectively.

• You get more features to create content on the fly and easily place this content in the space – giving a plug-and-play experience without limits to the user.

• The focus is purely on enterprise customers and their needs.

• Custom features that build up on spatial productivity, such as 3D flowcharting and pinboards.

• More participants, more content, highest degrees of freedom.

• Enterprise-ready team management and access management for your organization.

Is Arthur certified for security?

Yes. Security is one of our highest priorities. We are SOC-2 compliant.

What is the cost of Arthur?

This depends heavily on the number of licenses and the licensing model used – further information is provided upon specific interest in using our VR office solution and the number of licenses required per site.

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