Arthur Introduces Web Viewer: Experience Your Virtual Office from Any Browser

Recently we have announced one of the biggest updates of Arthur, the leading virtual office for enterprises. In our new blog series, we would like to unpack the latest changes that are coming with the ‘New Realities - New Productivity’ update to Arthur.

With the introduction of new and improved features, our VR solution is making it easier and more efficient for companies to conduct meetings, collaborate on projects, and get work done. 

Virtual reality technology is quickly becoming an essential tool for businesses looking to enhance their remote collaboration capabilities. Even though we recommend using a VR headset to get the full experience, we are excited to introduce a whole new experience of Arthur! Arthur is now accessible via browser, no additional device is required.  Welcome, Arthur Web Viewer!

Arthur Web Viewer allows you to access and interact in the virtual office space via your browser. It provides users with the most immersive and interactive work experience that can be achieved via the internet browser.

The experience of our users is our priority number one and therefore it was crucial to bring the quality of the Virtual Reality applications to the browser. To make the experience realistic and engaging we worked on all the aspects of interactions our clients have with the platform. Therefore your virtual office space accessible via the Web has:

  • Full-screen mode together with  high-quality visuals,  to overcome distractions and increase immersion;
  • Intuitive navigation, to let users move around the virtual space quickly and easily; 
  • Interactions with items, such as pinboards, to let users pin sticky notes to a pinboard or manipulate other objects within the space, and more; 

Web Viewer transforms your computer mouse into the controller. A simple click of the mouse, allows you to teleport, grab, or move items within the virtual environment. This allows for more active and efficient participation in meetings when a VR headset is not available.

The introduction of the Web Viewer represents a major step forward in providing businesses with the tools they need to enhance remote collaboration capabilities. Whether you are looking to host a meeting, collaborate on a project, or simply catch up with colleagues, our Virtual Reality office solution covers your needs everywhere and anytime. 

With the new updates, users can now experience the benefits of virtual reality technology with their browser and take their remote collaboration to the next level. This means that now companies can scale their virtual reality adoption even faster. Book a demo today to try the benefits of virtual collaboration firsthand. 

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