Revolutionising Virtual Collaboration with Workstation and Integrations

In today's blog, we are continuing to unpack the features in our New Realities - New Productivity release. Virtual reality technology is rapidly advancing and its potential for the enterprise world is becoming increasingly evident. With virtual reality office solutions, companies are now able to create more immersive, productive, and efficient remote work environments.


One of the key features we’re bringing in our latest release is the workstation. It will come with a companion app for Windows and Mac. The feature will allow users to screen share, remotely access the computer, and bring the work on their laptop into VR meetings in much higher resolution and with little to no delay. In combination with our Mixed Reality features that allow you to scan your desk and give you the ability to connect your remote keyboard, this new feature allows users to bring their full work setup into VR as needed.


Another update is the introduction of OneDrive support as an additional storage provider. Similar to Google Drive, now users will be able to import as well as export any files from and to the OneDrive. Available directly from the Arthur application and portal, it opens up new possibilities for collaborating on documents, presentations, and other files. To further improve the way our users work with apps they love we have improved one of our integrations, Jira. This will allow you to further improve your Jira experience in Arthur and make your agile meetings more productive. All of the users, even the ones that are not authenticated in Jira, will be able to view the board.

This update also positively influences use cases such as  Agile and Workshop in virtual reality. The enhanced workstation together with updated Jira integration brings new opportunities for enterprises to be more productive during stand-ups, presentations, and other meetings. Additional file management too can help improve efficiency of the meetings.

With these new updates, our virtual reality office solution for enterprises is now more versatile and powerful. Users will be able to work in a virtual environment that is as efficient as a physical office. Moreover, it overcomes constraints of the physical office, with all the tools and resources users need at their fingertips.

Book a VR session with us to experience the latest updates yourself. Stay tuned for further updates.

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