Societe Generale plans a company VR rollout and entry into the Metaverse

Societe Generale was one of the first companies to start using virtual spaces to conduct engaging client presentations. The next step is to build a formidable presence in the Metaverse.

Societe Generale Client Meeting in Arthur VR office

According to the Deloitte Insights 2022, one of the biggest challenges for the banking sector is redefining the workplace and how work is done. Simultaneously, companies are urged to take strong strategic action towards environmental concerns in order to build a stronger brand.

In order to adapt to the new challenges and expectations, Societe Generale, one of the leading European Financial Services groups, turned to VR. They were one of the first companies to start using customisable virtual spaces, true-to-life avatars, and productivity tools to conduct an engaging client presentation. By reducing travel Societe Generale has been able to reduce expenses as well as its carbon footprint. Utilising Arthur for client presentation, the company achieved higher client satisfaction and was recognised by the industry for being one of the first companies to adopt innovative technology. Virtual reality also helps Societe Generale in pursuing environmentally conscious business practices.

An important cornerstone of their 2022 strategy is to build a formidable presence in the Metaverse. As the company expands its operation in Europe, together with Arthur it is planning a bigger rollout with the intention to invest in VR headsets and onboarding more clients. They also aim to increase VR adoption amongst other teams within the company so that they can realise the benefits of virtual reality through enhanced internal collaboration.

To read more about Societe Generale and its use of Arthur feel free to read our success story blog.

Arthur provides us a lot of flexibility in presenting complex researched content to our clients. It becomes easier to align agendas between clients and our representatives, irrespective of whether they are in London, New York, or Tokyo. VR saves our researchers a lot of time and allows them to focus on producing quality research output.

Frank Burkhardt

Managing Director of Société Générale

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