Woco Group's Leap into the Future with Arthur and XR-C

Dive into Woco Group's transformative VR experiences and gain unique insights into the future of digital innovation in enterprises - especially in a remote/hybrid work model.

In the era of digital transformation, companies are continually seeking innovative solutions to enhance collaboration and productivity. Woco Group, a leader in automotive technology, has been at the forefront of digital innovation. The group’s foray into virtual reality (VR) collaboration through Arthur marks a significant milestone in their digital transformation journey. This blog post explores their experiences and insights gained from this innovative foray into the use of spatial computing technologies like VR for future of work.

Choosing VR and Arthur: A strategic decision

Before embracing virtual reality, Woco Group primarily relied on face-to-face interactions and, as necessitated by the pandemic, tools like Microsoft Teams for collaboration. However, the limitations of conventional online meetings soon became evident. The need for a more immersive and engaging platform led Woco to explore VR technologies. The initial curiosity about VR, sparked during a consulting session on management development with XR-C, blossomed into a genuine interest in its potential. Woco's Digital Innovation Manager, Olivia Depta, and her team recognized VR's capabilities to transcend traditional boundaries and enhance remote collaboration.

In a market teeming with VR Collaboration solutions, Arthur stood out for Woco due to its extensive range of functionalities, robust security, reliable stability, and exceptional support system. The realistic experience provided by Arthur's avatars, as opposed to other less immersive comic-style expressive avatars, was particularly appealing. Arthur's productivity and administrative tools, along with an extensive selection of 3D objects, environments, and templates, struck a chord with Woco. These features were not just about functionality but also about fostering creativity and innovation within teams.

Implementing Arthur and experiencing the benefits: Embracing the new reality

The implementation process, supported by the XR-C Academy and its CEO Petra Isabel Schlerit, involved immersive learning sessions and workshop days within VR. Although there were initial challenges for some participants in integrating hardware, device management and the VR experience, the team quickly adapted, thanks to the high quality support, regular practice, and comprehensive training.

While some team members were initially skeptical about VR's utility beyond the initial wow experience, clear communication about the technology's benefits and first-hand experience helped in gaining widespread acceptance. The consensus post experiencing Arthur was outright positive, with an openness to experimenting with VR. While Woco hasn't yet quantified cost savings in terms of reduced travel and expects to do that in the future, the qualitative aspects like learning outcomes and productivity were measured with positive results. Participants reported a notable increase in productivity and retention of content, crediting the vivid visual impressions offered by VR. Arthur has significantly impacted how Woco's team and external users approach learning and collaboration. The immersive VR environment has proved more effective than traditional e-learning methods, especially in retaining information and fostering sustainable learning.

Recommendations and the path ahead

VR has found practical applications in various sectors of Woco, including recruitment, communication, and different kinds of corporate trainings. It has not only improved internal processes but also positioned Woco as an innovative and attractive employer. The versatility of VR in fostering creativity and innovation has been seen as a testament to its potential in diverse business scenarios. Woco advocates for the use of Arthur in team activities, recruitment, branding, workshops, and conflict management. The success story of Woco with Arthur sets an example for other companies aiming to transcend traditional collaboration boundaries and embrace the limitless possibilities of VR. Summarizing the experience, Olivia Depta reflects, “VR is an exciting journey with no limits, constantly unveiling new discoveries. Implementing this with Arthur, especially with its supportive framework, has been a remarkable experience.”

As Woco Group continues to explore and innovate with Arthur, it has not only enhanced its internal collaboration processes but also positioned itself at the forefront of digital innovation in the automotive industry. Woco’s story stands as a shining example of how embracing digital transformation can lead to groundbreaking changes in corporate collaboration and development.

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