diVeRsity in the Law Paper Contest by Meta hosted in Arthur

It is safe to say that the field of application for virtual reality is immensely vast. Furthermore, the factors of how these emerging technologies will affect people are infinite. Recognising these intricacies, Meta’s; Ryan Garcia, Director & Associate General Counsel, works to challenge Meta’s understanding of how these technologies need to be adapted to respect and protect individuals’ needs. That is why they contacted Arthur, a pioneering virtual reality collaboration company, to host their first ever conference to better understand these challenges.

Meta aims to better understand how virtual reality will be applied across industries. Considering the field of Law, the Meta Reality Labs team conducted its first ever diVeRsity in the Law Paper Contest. Organized by Ryan Garcia, the contest challenged diverse law students from four law schools (Stanford Law School, Santa Clara Law School, Seattle University Law School, and University of Washington Law School) to question how virtual reality or augmented reality could address diversity issues in the legal field. The contest was concluded with a Law Conference hosted in Arthur, where attendees were immersed into a fully virtual auditorium environment to enjoy learning more about this topic.

The conference began with a Keynote on the future of VR and its impact on humanity. To follow, each of the three contest finalists had the chance to share their proposals and findings on the application of VR within the Law. The conference successfully challenged and discussed the many factors relevant to the use of VR as well as how the technology could be positively used to decrease instances of discrimination and biases within legal persecution. Once the speeches concluded, Ryan announced the contest winner along with prizes that amounted to $10,000 as an appreciation for their impactful contribution in the field.

Events like these showcase the vast potential of Virtual Reality across industries whilst simultaneously encouraging the shapers of this technology to consider the many factors that must be studied throughout its further development. At Arthur, we feel privileged to be able to host these kinds of events and fully collaborate with disruptive minds that are shaping the future of what it means to collaborate remotely.

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