Arthur announces the arrival of ‘New Realities’

Arthur is seeing a strong uptick in usage. The addition of ‘New Realities’ is expected to improve the speed and efficiency of work in VR and further boost usage.

Arthur, a pioneering virtual reality (VR) office provider that enables enterprises to create large-scale virtual offices with advanced, fully immersive, and collaborative environments, today announces the arrival of ‘New Realities’ to its virtual office solution. The New Realities update unlocks the first generation of Mixed Reality (MR) features in Arthur’s virtual offices. These features allow users to bring their physical desk and keyboard into VR and access the global passthrough feature showcased by Meta at Connect 2022 conference. This update comes only two weeks after Meta Connect 2022, making Arthur one of the very first VR office solutions to make MR features available to their customers.

Led by the Founder and CEO, Christoph Fleischmann, Arthur has been at the forefront of innovation in the VR collaboration space since 2016, when the company piloted the first versions of its solution. Over these years, Arthur has built a strong product, team, and understanding of what enterprises need from a VR office solution. Today, Arthur provides a range of Fortune 500 businesses and large-scale organizations with a VR office solution focused on enabling the best remote productivity. Arthur’s top-tier clientele, such as Societe Generale and the United Nations, leverage the solution to be pioneers of their industry in utilizing VR offices to reimagine work to suit the changing world and employee needs. The New Realities update will unlock a step change by opening an entirely new suite of possibilities.

“As a company with a mission of transforming the way we work, Mixed Reality is an essential next step in our product’s evolution.,” said Mr. Fleischmann. “While we have been proud to see in our clients how powerful pure Virtual Reality Collaboration can be, the combination with Mixed Reality unlocks entirely new levels of productivity and ease of use. With Mixed Reality, I have more control over the level of immersion I want for my meeting, and I can easily bring physical tools, such as my keyboard or desk surface into a VR meeting, in order to be more productive and connected. At a broader level, we strive to enable our enterprise clients to be at the forefront of innovation and craft a better way of working. In today’s digital world, a lot has changed, but when it comes to work, going to physical offices is still the norm, significant business travel is still the norm, and adapting our whole lives around the location of our work opportunities is still the norm. The Next Realities update will help us unlock the next frontier in enabling a future of work that is better and apt for our current world and needs.”

As Mr. Fleischmann mentioned, Arthur’s virtual office is built for enterprises. However, alongside the New Realities update, Arthur is also announcing an upgrade to ‘Arthur Consumer’, a lite version of its enterprise solution. With the new Consumer experience, Arthur wants to enable small teams, entrepreneurs, and individuals to get a taste of its innovative VR office solution and the possibilities that a better future of work could offer. The upgraded experience will offer three rooms built on 3 of Arthur’s latest office environments to every registered user for free.

Here is a summary of the key updates : 

  1. New Realities: In addition to Virtual Reality, Arthur's solution will include Mixed Reality setups.
  2. 1st generation of MR features: Users can use their physical desks and keyboards in Arthur. The Global passthrough feature will also be available on supported devices.
  3. Quest Pro: Arthur's virtual office application is now available on the newly launched Meta Quest Pro device.
  4. Upgraded consumer experience: Arthur Consumer solution will offer three rooms, built on three different environments, for free to all its registered users.

Arthur’s platform already addresses the needs of a wide variety of global industries, including energy, pharmaceuticals, consulting, insurance, and finance. Arthur continues to gain significant traction, with usage continuously increasing. This ‘New Realities’ update and the upcoming productivity updates offer even more promise for the future.

(Release distributed via Globe News Wire)

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