Arthur Academy session on ‘How To Conduct A VR Team Activity’

The Arthur Academy is a training and networking series available to our customers.

The Arthur Academy is a training and networking series available to our customers. With sessions such as how to facilitate VR workshops or team activities, the Arthur Academy provides participants with the tools, guidelines and best practices they need to make the most out of their VR experience. 

Following our first Academy session on ‘How to Facilitate a Workshop in VR’, the Arthur Academy continues to expand and develop in a way that best assists Arthur users to maximize their VR experience. In the team activity session, guidelines and best practices were shared to enable participants to facilitate their own team activity in Arthur. It was an interactive and playful session to give participants the chance to experience team activities cross-company. 

Led by the Arthur team, the session commenced with an ice breaker to introduce participants of diverse companies to each other, followed by a short presentation on the different team activity possibilities within Arthur. The four different team activity types; icebreakers, networking activities, skill based activities, and entertainment and games were visualized with examples. Most importantly, Arthur made sure participants could start to conceptualize the vast possibilities of hosting activities of their choice virtually. 

Following the theoretical part, the session was moved to Mars where participants were able to actually experience some of Arthur’s favorite team activities. Filled with laughter, it was quickly apparent how Arthur could also be used as an important tool for remote connectivity, team building, and overall fun! The feeling of presence and being in the same room together definitely helps teams to grow closer together while having fun.

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