Arthur Academy session on 'How to Facilitate a Workshop in VR'

The Arthur Academy is a training and networking series available to our customers. The first Arthur Academy session was a one hour session on 'How to Facilitate a Workshop in VR'.

On Tuesday, May 24th, 2022, Arthur VR customers across different industries took part in the first Arthur Academy session. The Arthur Academy is a training and networking series available to our customers to provide in-depth workshops covering topics around the use of virtual spaces for productivity and collaboration.

The first Arthur Academy session was a one Hour session on How to Facilitate a Workshop in VR. Conducted in one of Arthur's virtual environments, the session's focus was to provide customers with increased knowledge on how to best facilitate workshops virtually. Attendees came from a range of Fortune 500 companies, including industries such as consulting, automotive, and logistics.

Led by one of Arthur’s Experienced Customer Success Managers, the session commenced with a short icebreaker to introduce participants to each other and was followed by a presentation on the best practices for organizing and facilitating VR workshops. The presentation highlighted the different stages and elements involved as well as the unique tools available within VR to make these sessions productive. Amongst them are:

  • Available productivity tools such as pinboards, whiteboards, and sticky notes which can be easily manipulated. The intuitive use makes these tools more interactive as opposed to other remote meeting tools
  • The use of open spaces and audio zones for breakout sessions and discussions.
  • The ability to easily upload presentations, images, and videos, making workshop content easily available as well as interactable.

Upon concluding the presentation, participants were invited to take part in a workshop-focused brainstorming session. Participants were divided into groups where they discussed and elaborated on useful workshop techniques they would use in their company workshops. Through these breakout sessions, participants discovered new utilizations of VR for their teams, new workshop techniques which applied to both real-life and VR settings, and learned how VR can increase creativity in comparison to alternative remote workshop settings.

Arthur VR continues to dedicate its efforts to bringing a top-of-class service to all of its customers. Proven by the overwhelmingly positive feedback, the Arthur Academy session is one of the many positive advantages of being part of the Arthur Community.

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