3 ways our clients are using private Audio Zones

Our team is always working on introducing new productivity tools. Read to know more about about one of our latest additions - Private Audio Zones and how our customers are using it.

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Did you ever wonder how much precious time you have lost in moving rooms for breakout sessions or conversations at workshops or conferences? How often have you wanted to seamlessly speak with your co-presenter without being overheard by the audience? The chances are that in your day-to-day work, you have been in situations where a private audio zone would be convenient and productive too.

The private Audio Zones feature is one of the productivity tools we added in the last months - and it is immensely popular with our clients already in the first months of its release. It helps our clients create a separate space in the room to conduct private discussions or discrete and engaging breakout sessions. It allows them to converse exclusively with the people inside the private audio zone. This naturally means that anyone outside that audio zone will not be able to hear that conversation. This feature can be a great advantage when a few people need to discuss something in a group setting without disturbing the rest of the group. Given the utility and popularity of this feature, our clients have effectively leveraged this new feature in multiple situations but let us present you the top three use cases for this tool.

The most popular use case of the audio zones is facilitating breakout sessions in a workshop setting. Our clients say they appreciate the no distraction setup wherein each group has their private audio zone to brainstorm, discuss or even build with shapes without ever needing to leave the bigger space. It is like having virtual breakout rooms, but all in the same space. Since everyone is in the same bigger space, it is easy to fully focus on the breakout discussion without disconnecting from the bigger group. In case a group has a question or needs to speak with an organizer or coordinator, one can quickly jump out of the zone, talk to the concerned person without disturbing other groups, and jump back into their breakout space in quick time. Overall, after this feature release, clients have reported improved productivity in their workshops and conferences.

Another prevalent use case for our customers is having a private chat while in big meetings. When the facilitators need to align on a topic or clear up something internally quickly, they can conveniently jump into a private audio zone for a minute without disturbing the participants

One other use case that has been used internally at Arthur and by our clients is the deployment of private audio zones as breakout booths for networking events. Private audio zones allow us to divide a large number of people into small breakout groups, allowing members to participate in a range of discussions and switch from one zone to another seamlessly. Participants have mentioned that the ability to network this way leads to better and clearer conversations without the background noise from all the other groups.

If that gets you interested and you want to experience this yourself, reach out to us for a demo.

Please check out our earlier blog posts if you'd like to learn more about our other features and use cases.

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