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The onset of the pandemic shined a bright light on video conferencing solutions. People worldwide started using video conferencing for everything from work to leisure. One might have thought that video conferencing and 2D collaboration tools were the answer, but the lack of in-person presence left the participants exhausted and less engaged with the content. Research has shown that nearly half of the surveyed professional workers report a high degree of exhaustion due to the perpetual use of video conferencing. Is there an alternative, though?

A virtual meeting room, in its truest sense, is an office room in virtual reality. Such a room enables all the participants to come together via photorealistic avatars and work together from anywhere in the world. The photorealistic avatars and our spatial audio system create a sense of authentic presence among the participants. Harvard Business Review, in its research, discovered that an engaged employee is 55% more productive than one who is not. Thanks to the immersive nature of VR, according to a PWC study, the participants can learn more quickly, retain more knowledge and gain a deeper comprehension of the discussion.

Virtual reality gives the user a 3-dimensional space to meet with people as if one would in real life. In essence, a virtual meeting does not take much more effort than any other usual remote meeting. All you do is use a VR Headset instead of a 2D screen.

Virtual meeting rooms are customizable to the last detail. In VR, you can use the infinite space to arrange content in your virtual office more effectively. It also offers various productivity features, such as 3D flowcharts, pinboards, and screen sharing. These tools allow all the participants to be as creative as possible without any limitation of 2D screens or physical whiteboards. Below are some examples of different virtual meeting rooms.

Workshop Room

Overlooking the Dubai skyline, this virtual meeting space is perfect for holding a workshop for your team. You can start with a plenary presentation in the main room, use the breakout rooms for workshop and brainstorming and then come back together for a casual chat on the terrace at the end.

Scrum Space

The open floor virtual space with the sunset backdrop sets the atmosphere for an agile meeting. The virtual meeting room has dedicated areas for planning, sprint sessions, reviews, and retrospective sessions.


We have the perfect virtual town hall to hold presentations for a broader audience in your company. It contains a reception area with drinks, an ice-breaker, a big built-in auditorium, many side chat areas, and a room for networking with drinks to finish off your virtual town hall. Here you can host a virtual avatar meeting with more than 70 active and engaged participants.

Afterwork Meetup Room

This open garden side meeting area is an apt space for a company’s virtual headquarters. It is a vast space providing areas for different types of meetings. The trees and blue sky provide the perfect setting for teams to get together, have a chat and review the presentation from the prior sessions. If the idea is to have a relaxing apero or a coffee chat, the room has suitable areas for a leisurely meetup too.

Mountain Forum Workshop

The Mountain Forum is one of our most popular spaces suitable for workshops. It is equipped with a reception area, an ice-breaker, an auditorium for presentations to a bigger audience, as well as a separate workshop area.

To read more about the use of virtual reality in the workplace, please check out our other blogs. If you want to book a demo session to try one of the rooms please book a VR session with our team.

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