Why holiday-themed virtual team events are important?

Holiday season is just around the corner! Christmas and New Year are coming and holidays like that provide a great opportunity for the enhancement of company culture, team building and fun. All that can influence productivity of your remote team in a positive way. When you bring the team together the overall emotional well-being improves, which improves performance. Which is a win-win for the entire team.

Workplace celebrations create team cohesion and encourage camaraderie. Coming together helps to step out of the day-to-day work and connect on a personal level.

Maintaining company culture and team cohesion is a challenge when the team is distributed and is not physically together.  Nevertheless, distributed teams require those get-togethers even more. Hybrid and remote work can create a feeling of isolation and sustaining moments where teams can connect is even more important. Arthur is a pioneering VR office provider enabling you to work productively with your distributed team. On top of that, it is also an opportunity to create those together moments for your team, regardless of their physical location. Immersive technology brings the feeling of presence and being in the same room together which helps the team to grow closer together while having fun.

You can create the office your own and switch up the atmosphere at work easily. Switching rapidly from the perfect agile stand-up set up to a themed Christmas party never was so easy. Moreover, with Arthur, you can reduce your company’s ecological footprint and travel costs without team event quality being sacrificed. 

Arthur provides you with a vast amount of templates that will help, to create a great Holiday-themed event in Arthur. Examples of team building activities include:

  • Just one: A fun and easy game in which one participant needs to guess a mystery word based on the clues given by the other participants.

  • Scavenger Hunt: An exciting team activity where the participants look for hidden clues and objects in a custom environment to solve the challenges.

  • Escape Room: An adventure where teams have to go through multiple riddles to solve the mystery and only proper team work will lead them to success.

  • Ice Bar Afterwork: Based in the ‘Winter Island’ environment, the ‘Arthur Ice Bar’ is the perfect room for a casual team meet up at the bar or a networking session.

  • Would you rather: A great way for participants to get to know each other, by answering questions on different scenarios and choosing their preferences.

  • Line Up: A laughing inducing experience where participants line up on a spectrum based on their sentiment to different questions asked.

  • Two Truth One Lie: A fun and easy icebreaker where participants presents 2 truths and 1 lie about themselves and the audience guesses which is which.

  • Secret Santa: Team members receive a random name of the coworker to become his or her Secret Santa. The Secret Santa brings presents to the event and after the ceremony of opening, the giftee has to guess who was his or her  Secret Santa.

But do not limit your creativity, we will help you to leverage technology to the fullest. Get together with the feel of authentic presence, work efficiently and celebrate sustainably.To learn more about VR collaboration stay tuned. Book a VR demo with our team to see our Holiday themed template room.

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