New Realities of Room Access: Making Virtual Collaboration More Accessible Than Ever Before

As enterprises continue to embrace hybrid work, the need for effective virtual collaboration tools has become increasingly critical. As a virtual reality office provider, we understand the importance of improving our service to provide our clients with the most immersive and interactive work experience possible. Today, we're excited to introduce the New Realities of Room Access in Arthur - an update that makes virtual collaboration more accessible than ever before.

With new Web access users are able to access Arthur via their browser, without the need for additional devices. This provides a truly immersive and interactive experience that allowed users to move around the virtual space quickly and easily, with intuitive navigation and seamless interactions with items such as pinboards.

Now we brought it to the next level! Invite someone to your virtual meeting as easily as to Google Meet or Zoom.

Now, users can share a link to access the virtual room with anyone, even those outside their organization or who aren't registered at Arthur. The possibilities that this new functionality opens up are endless. Companies can now co-work with people outside of their organizations both in VR or via the Web access, conduct webinars or create a virtual room for events and make it accessible to everyone who needs to join. This makes virtual collaboration more accessible and flexible than ever before, allowing companies to connect and collaborate with partners, vendors, and customers from around the world seamlessly. The room is persistent and can be visited even without a host, which opens up an opportunity for even further uses cases, like virtual training or showroom.

The new room access with the persistent link works for both VR as well as Web experiences allowing you to choose the most convenient way of connecting with your partners. At Arthur, we're committed to providing the best virtual reality collaboration experience service to our clients, and the New Realities of Room Access is a testament to that commitment. By making virtual collaboration more accessible and flexible, we're enabling companies to work more efficiently and effectively, no matter where they are in the world.

If you're interested in learning more about our virtual reality office and the New Realities please get in touch with us today.

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