Introducing Seated-Hotspots, elevating the level of realism

Arthur, the leading virtual office solution, is thrilled to unveil one of the latest features, Seated mode, revolutionizing the virtual meeting experience. This innovative addition allows users to effortlessly teleport to predefined Seat-Hotspots while maintaining a realistic seated posture, enhancing immersion and authenticity during virtual gatherings.

Seated mode brings unparalleled convenience to users by eliminating the hassle of finding the right spot and ensuring they face the correct direction effortlessly. In smaller meeting settings, participants often struggle with these aspects, hampering the overall experience.

Navigate with Ease: Seamlessly Move Between Predefined Seating Areas

With Seated mode, navigating virtual environments becomes a breeze as users can swiftly move between predefined seating areas with ease and precision. No longer do you need to worry about getting to the right spot and looking in the correct direction.

Optimize Larger Events: Visually Appealing Arrangements and Customization Options

Organizers, especially those managing larger events, will find Seated mode to be a game-changer. Positioning the audience becomes much simpler, ensuring a visually appealing arrangement when numerous participants are present. Additionally, certain environments will feature new variations with an expanded range of predefined seating options, allowing for even more customization and comfort.

Seamless Transitions: From Standing to Sitting Positions

The benefits of Seated mode extend beyond mere avatar postures. Attending board meetings or similar events becomes seamless with a quick snap of the teleport ray to a predefined Seat-Hotspot. Users' avatars automatically align themselves in a comfortable seating position, facing the specified direction within the environment. This eliminates the need for manual adjustments when transitioning between standing and sitting positions, fostering a more seamless and realistic meeting experience.

Enhanced User Comfort and Control: Adjustments and Movement

Seated mode goes the extra mile to ensure user comfort and ease of movement. Not only does it detect and prompt users to re-adjust their avatars when transitioning from seated to standing positions, but it also recognizes when users move away from their physical hotspots. By providing options to clarify intentions, such as returning to their chair or moving away, Seated mode enhances user control and minimizes confusion during meetings.

Immerse Yourself in a More Engaging Virtual Meeting Experience

As Arthur's virtual office continues to evolve, users can expect an increasingly immersive and engaging virtual meeting experience. The integration of Seated mode reduces fatigue and increases productivity by offering a more natural and authentic environment for collaboration.

Seated mode is a feature that elevates the level of realism in virtual meetings. By simplifying navigation, enhancing convenience, and promoting effortless adjustments, Arthur empowers users to immerse themselves fully in the virtual space. With the ability to teleport to predefined Seat-Hotspots, attendees can focus on what truly matters—productive and engaging discussions. Book a demo with our team today to try the feature first hand.

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