Improving Entrepreneurship Training through Gamification and Virtual Reality

ITCILO, the training arm of the International Labour Organization, with its Department on Sustainable Enterprises and Economies (SEE), wanted to complement its entrepreneurship training course for trainers and educators with gamification tools. Arthur, a pioneering virtual reality for a collaboration solution, a long-lasting partner of ITC was brought in to create an innovative and experiential learning experience for participants. The goal of the program was to provide a close-to-real situation for entrepreneurship training, allowing participants to experience the entrepreneurship games in VR, reflect on their experiences with peers, and understand the logic and dynamics of the games.

Program Outline:

The two-week program was designed to provide a gradual introduction to VR, commencing with onboarding the participants into VR and making sure they were comfortable using the controls. The program started with simpler VR games that required participants to only move around, speak to each other, and move objects. As it progressed, more advanced features, available in Arthur’s virtual office solution, were introduced. Those included pin boards, audio zones, whiteboards, and more. By the end of the program, participants were able to build in VR with 3D objects as well as effortlessly use complex VR features.

The VR Experience:

What was amazing from a facilitating perspective was how quickly the participants went from having no experience in VR to feeling comfortable using it on a daily basis for more than 2 hours with all the functions available.

The program's structure allowed participants to gradually adjust to the VR environment, and the use of games made the learning experience fun and interactive. The VR environment enabled participants to immerse themselves in close-to-real situations, allowing for a more meaningful and efficient learning experience.


The program was a success, with participants leaving with a deeper understanding of the logic and dynamics of entrepreneurship games. They were also able to appreciate the potential of VR as a tool for training and use the games in future face-to-face or VR training programs. The use of Arthur virtual reality solution in the program allowed for an engaging and interactive learning experience, which made it easier for participants to retain the information learned.

The collaboration of ITCILO and Arthur resulted in a groundbreaking program that blended entrepreneurship training with gamification and virtual reality. The program provided a fun and interactive way for participants to understand the logic and dynamics of entrepreneurship games, appreciate the potential of VR as a tool for training, and use the games in future trainings. The success of the program demonstrates the effectiveness of using VR in learning and training and highlights the potential for VR to revolutionize the way we approach education and training.

"Virtual reality provides a unique and immersive experience that brings trainings to life, allowing individuals to engage with close-to-real situations and make the learning experience both effective and enjoyable.”
Martin Gasser, ILO Maputo, Chief Technical Adviser - Moztrabalha. 

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