How to get into Metaverse

Metaverse is the talk of the town but not many people know how to access it today. Read about the various ways to get into Metaverse.

Meta's Oculus Quest 2 device which is used to access the Metaverse

How to get into Metaverse

Mark Zuckerberg announced in November 2021 that Facebook will now be known as Meta. That announcement sent ripples throughout the world and marked Metaverse as the next big topic in technology innovation. The first question everyone had was – "what is the Metaverse?". The Metaverse takes today's digital communication one step ahead by conducting all the interactions in a 3-dimensional space. In simple terms, Metaverse can be described as the 3D version of the internet.

Metaverse integrates multiple technologies like Mixed Reality (MR), Web 3.0, and Blockchain. The idea of such a futuristic technology may seem a bit daunting at first, but if we look closely, we can spot that some aspects of the Metaverse are already being used today. An example would be the use of Augmented Reality (AR) technology in games like Pokémon Go, where you would see a Pokémon in your room. Another example would be the use of virtual reality (VR) by individuals and companies for varied purposes, from business to leisure. In all truth, the Metaverse doesn't exist today. There is no one app called Metaverse. However, Metaverse is a connected virtual world whose building blocks are already out there.

Ways to enter the Metaverse

The second big question has been, "how can I enter or access the Metaverse?". There are many ways to access the Metaverse – VR, AR, or MR headsets, mobile devices, computers, and even gaming consoles.

Many people access some of the real-time rendered 3D worlds through tablets and smartphones as it is convenient today. However, this method would take away the immersive experience of the 3D world. So instead of viewing the 3D world on a 2D screen, using a VR headset would transport you into the 3D world. Using VR headsets will provide an immersive experience with a deep perception of the visual, How to get into Metaverse audio, and interactive elements.

There is a range of headsets depending on the functionality and the price point. It ranges from the more affordable and limited functionality Google Cardboard at $10 to the more sophisticated and versatile Oculus Quest 2 at $300. Headsets have evolved significantly over the last few years. Headsets like Oculus Quest 2, Pico Neo 3, and HTC Vive Focus 3 are stand-alone devices, unlike the tethered devices like Oculus Rift from the early 2010s. The stand-alone headsets come with two controllers, each featuring a joystick and buttons to move around and interact with objects and spaces in the virtual world. Virtual reality is not Metaverse, but it's also true that there is no Metaverse without VR. So, a VR headset will take you to the closest form of Metaverse that is accessible today.

What Metaverse applications can you access?

There are many popular gaming worlds like Minecraft, which are accessible outside of VR. Video gaming platforms like Roblox hosted Metaverse events like Gucci’s 100th anniversary. There are also worlds like Sandbox VR where people can buy virtual land. Furthermore, there are platforms like Decentaland which aims to create a decentral world such that the users are the creators. So there is a wide variety of applications exploring the Metaverse.

As for applications one can access with the VR headsets, all leading headsets have their own application stores, like the iOS App Store or Android Play store. For example, On the Oculus Quest 2, once you create and log in with your Oculus account, you can access the various free or paid applications available on oculus. There are a large variety of apps geared towards entertainment, gaming, and business. You will be able to use the metaverse building blocks for social purposes as well. For instance, you could meet some friends for a virtual golf game or explore a picturesque location together. Other prominent application categories include 3D panoramic videos and activity apps like fitness class apps or dance apps.

For business, the Metaverse's immersive, persistent and decentralized nature presents multiple opportunities. As the technologies underlying the metaverse advance, companies will be able to find a range of applications like enriching their consumer experience and virtual product marketing. Even though a mature Metaverse is years away, several companies are conducting meetings in the virtual world today. For example, companies use VR for client presentations, workshops, team events, etc. An easy and low-risk application for companies to enter Metaverse is conducting a virtual VR meeting. For instance, many companies are using Arthur to try out brainstorming sessions, trainings, and other kinds of meetings. Start exploring and learning more about the current and potential applications of the Metaverse for business by booking a live session with Arthur.

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