How to facilitate a workshop in VR

While conducting a workshop it is important to bring out the creativity in all the participants. In VR, the participants will have the in-person feeling and will be fully equiped to build on their imagination.

Conducting a complex and creative workshop in VR is one of our most popular use-cases. Your team can enjoy the combination of feeling like you're in the same room and having an effective toolbox of digital productivity tools.

In a virtual workshop in VR, you can focus completely without distractions in an infinite and customizable space. You can seamlessly come together and share ideas in Arthur using collaboration tools such as whiteboards, post-its, presentations, and 3D objects.

Are you excited and are wondering what exactly you could do in a VR workshop? Here you'll find a sample flow for facilitating one.

Ice Breaker Activities

You can kick off the workshop with a quick ice breaker activity to loosen up the mood and get things going. The plank activity - one in which participants line up on the platform in the correct order based on themes such as height, years within the company, experience with VR, etc. - is excellent for this purpose

Keynote speeches and presentations

Next, it's time for a keynote presentation in VR. You can hold your opening speech on stage or in one of our auditoriums. Upload your presentation to Arthur, make real-time mark-ups, and use speakerphone mode to present your workshop content to everyone in the room.

Break-out sessions

Later, divide your team into breakout sessions either in our conference room where you can facilitate two breakout sessions or on our Island environment, where you can have five productive sessions simultaneously while watching the sunset! Thanks to our spatial audio feature, you can enjoy breakout sessions that feel completely natural, while being just a few steps away from the rest of the group.

Privacy audio zones

Alternatively, you can also create privacy audio zones. When you are in a privacy audio zone, you will not hear workshop participants speaking outside that zone and vice versa. In that way, you can have a quick breakout session with a relevant team or group.

Wrap-up with some drinks!

Finally, you can finish the workshop with some drinks or a fun game like Pictionary!

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