How can VR improve retrospective meetings?

Retrospective meetings are important for a company to reflect and realise how the company can improve in the next term. Retrospective meeting in VR allows you to use various tools to project and visualise your thoughts.

A retrospective meeting enables your team to look back on the work done since you set your goals and reflect on what went great and what could be improved. It is an excellent tool to keep your team on track. Furthermore, it helps you see some mistakes that could otherwise slide under the radar undetected on busy workdays.

Many of us are painfully familiar with the kanban boards with post-its. However, there are numerous possibilities that can turn a retrospective meeting in a virtual reality office into a very interactive and interesting activity.

Firstly, you have the opportunity to sit comfortably both in real life and in our virtual meeting space while discussing the problems you worked on since the last time. After the discussion, all participants have the chance to vote on the progress using our 3D assets. This way, the whole team can genuinely reflect and visually compare whether their colleagues feel the same way.

After the initial overview discussion, you have the chance to go into specifics in the next exercise.

In this activity, you can distinguish what exactly went well and what exactly needs to be improved. You can do that in Arthur by creating specific and clear text labels - each with its own space. The meeting participants can then directly vote visually on which practices should be started, stopped, or continued. Visual voting will ensure that all participants can share their opinions in a frictionless manner without disrupting the meeting by speaking over one another.

An added benefit of using visual tools is that you can check how your colleagues are feeling at any time during your meeting. We are all used to asking each other, "How are you? Are you doing well?" so much that we are often guilty of doing so without thinking about the responses. In a VR team meeting, you can pick an emoji that best represents your state of being in the moment and put it on the graph on the wall. That way, you can get an honest overview of how your colleagues feel since the emojis are not associated with the names of whoever put them. Thus even people who are usually reluctant to share their emotions can feel free to do it.

Finally, you can have a quick cocktail celebration of the goals accomplished or have a relaxing post-meeting apéro chat!

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