Have your next business meeting in your Metaverse Office

On the business side of the Metaverse, companies are able to operate their businesses, recruit and train talent, interact with customers and sell their products.

A team of business people conducting a presentation type meeting on the island environment of the Arthur Metaverse office

Technologies like Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) have been around for a while. But Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta announcement has put a magnifying glass on these technologies. Even though Metaverse doesn’t fully exist today, the underlying concepts and technologies have been used in gaming for quite some time. Now businesses are waking up to the opportunities that the Metaverse presents. Those businesses that want to be ahead of the competition are actively figuring out what the Metaverse is, where they can access it, and how they can leverage it. They run into another critical question in the second half of that process: how to meet in the Metaverse? This blog will shed some light on how you can have a meeting in the Metaverse and what you can do in Metaverse meetings.

Metaverse caters to individuals and companies for varied purposes, from business to leisure. On the business side of the Metaverse, people will be able to operate their companies, recruit and train talent, interact with customers and sell their products. Meetings are an irreplaceable part of all those business activities. A VR headset will take you to the closest form of Metaverse that is accessible today. The headset has an app store where, among the many apps, you can access many virtual office applications. Today, companies are already using virtual office solutions for various types of meetings, including client presentations, workshops, and team events. The Metaverse’s immersive, persistent and decentralized nature presents multiple opportunities.

Virtual reality is one of the key underlying Metaverse technologies for business meetings. Using a VR headset would transport you inside the 3D virtual world. Headsets like Oculus Quest 2 come with two controllers, each featuring a joystick and buttons which allow you to move around and interact with objects in that virtual world. Your virtual office space in a solution like Arthur will also give you an immersive audiovisual experience that will bring the real-world familiarity of meeting in the same room but build on the familiar by allowing you to use the space and objects around you in entirely new ways. For example, you can have a brainstorming session in a closed room environment using multiple whiteboards and pinboards. On the other side of the room, you can visualize your ideas by using 3D objects and creating mind maps. Next, you can build an external platform using 3D objects like stairs, floor, couch, and table, and then host a post-meeting apero on that platform. This is just one example of how VR gives you access to infinite space at your fingertips – your imagination will be the only limit to how you utilize that space.

A Metaverse office will widen your company’s geographic reach – you can hire from all over the world or have an international conference without incurring any travel expenses. Your Metaverse meeting rooms can also be customized at multiple levels to create a unique experience for almost every meeting without the need to tear down walls. That means you can have an unlimited supply of customized meeting rooms without the material waste accompanying renovating or redecorating physical meeting rooms.

If you are interested in having your own Metaverse office and exploring the possibilities, book a free demo with us, and we will make sure you get off to a great start in the Metaverse.

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