Combine the power of XR and AI with a collaborative sidekick in Arthur

At Arthur, we're always on the lookout for ways to enhance your collaboration. We are excited to introduce the first version of our revolutionary tool, the Arthur AI Assistant. This innovative tool is designed to transform the way you work and interact in XR.

The Arthur AI Assistant acts as a versatile sidekick in any meeting scenario. It is designed to further enhance your collaborative productivity in combination with all the use cases and the comprehensive toolset we already offer. Imagine a sidekick that not only answers your questions but also organizes your discussion in real time. Whether you're bouncing ideas around in a brainstorming session or need quick insights during a client workshop, our AI Assistant is there to enhance your experience.

The Arthur AI Assistant can be a visible presence in a shared virtual Arthur room, adding to the collective brainstorming power of your team and allowing them to collaboratively use the power of AI to supercharge meetings. Alternatively, if privacy is what you need, our AI Assistant can serve as a private consultant, available at your command. The flexibility of our AI Assistant ensures it adapts to your meeting's context and requirements, providing assistance that's as public or as private as you need it to be.

The conversational nature of the Arthur AI Assistant further revolutionizes your interactions by allowing you to interact with AI through natural spoken language as you would with a human colleague. This feature transforms meetings into dynamic and interactive sessions where the AI Assistant becomes an active participant in the collaborative process rather than just being an additional tool. Imagine brainstorming sessions in which you and your colleagues can verbally bounce ideas off the AI Assistant, receiving instant feedback or suggestions, thus fostering a more engaging and efficient discussion.

As we start to roll out this feature, we're proud to spotlight Mazars, a leading international audit, tax and advisory firm. Mazars is trialing the use of our AI Assistant's capabilities within their meetings to push the envelope of productivity in spatial computing.

Pioneering teams at Mazars are currently exploring the potential of this tool to enhance efficiency and engagement without disrupting the established workflows. The teams are excited about the possibility to use our AI Assistant in future project planning meetings with multiple professionals for a variety of use cases. One such use case could be generating suggestions based on a vast knowledge pool and industry-specific historical data. The suggestions can then be collectively discussed, iterated, and used in real-time to improve the efficiency and coverage of the resulting roadmap. Daniel Bridges, Director of Innovation at Mazars USA, said, "The Arthur AI Assistant has the potential to provide a significant leap in how we utilize technology to enhance our collaboration and productivity. This initial combination of XR and AI positions the Arthur AI Assistant as a partner that could complement our workforce and enable us to achieve better results at a faster pace with increasingly diverse global teams and remote specialists at our disposal.”

In client meetings, the Arthur AI Assistant can be used to enrich client interactions without losing the personal touch that is at the heart of their services. For example, while discussing a client's financial performance, the AI Assistant would be available to compare the client's Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with industry benchmarks. These can then be used to create personalized suggestions in real time by the client advisor and remote specialists. Reflecting on Mazars' exploration of the AI Assistant so far, Bridges comments: "At Mazars, we strive to lead the charge in adopting technological innovation. The exciting and forward-thinking use of XR with AI in meetings is the kind of understated innovation that can herald true industry advancement.”

The Arthur AI Assistant is more than just a new tool. Its arrival is a gateway to a more collaborative, productive, and intelligent virtual office. Welcome to the future of meetings – where borderless human collaboration meets the limitless powers of an AI sidekick!

Keen to explore how our AI Assistant can start to transform your meetings? Reach out to us for a personalized demo experience!

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