Arthur Community comes together to discuss virtual offices and innovation in work-life

The Arthur Community is a group of industry leaders who are drawn to innovation and want to learn from each other's experience in Arthur's virtual offices.

The idea of adopting VR and exploring the Metaverse for enterprise companies has accelerated substantially over the last two years. Just as new and fascinating the technology is, it is true to state that it still has a lot of unexplored potential for businesses. At such a nascent stage we see the technology is heavily influenced by its users.

The Arthur Community is a group of industry leaders who are drawn to innovation and want to learn from each other's experience of virtual offices in Arthur.  Currently, Arthur users are all trying to grasp the applicability of virtual offices to their business. Here interacting with other Arthur users becomes a great opportunity for exchanging their thoughts and experiences and learning from each other. Arthur community is a group of path-breaking leaders from different Fortune 500 companies. By having a group of influential business leaders under one roof, the Arthur community enjoys highly valuable knowledge transfer which often sparks new application ideas from the interaction.

To conduct such knowledge exchange, Arthur organizes various sessions such as Arthur Roundtables and the Arthur Academy. The Arthur Academy is a training and networking series exclusively available to customers to provide in-depth workshops covering topics around the use of virtual spaces for productivity and collaboration. Through the exchange of ideas, Arthur Academy provides customers with an opportunity to further develop their knowledge about VR and its use cases. The first Arthur Academy session was a one-hour session on How to Facilitate a Workshop in VR. Conducted in one of Arthur's virtual environments, the session's focus was to provide customers with increased knowledge on how to best facilitate workshops virtually.

On the other hand, the Arthur Roundtable invites customers to participate as the facilitators of a workshop session. During these sessions, a subject of choice which could range from topics of the Metaverse to use cases of Arthur are presented and discussed. So far, participant companies have discussed topics such as Hybrid Work Environment and the Metaverse.    

Before the Covid-19  pandemic, it was ordinary for industry leaders to participate in roundtables and conferences to talk about trends affecting the world. Arthur Community takes this a step further by conducting events in its virtual offices. Leaders from around the world can participate in these events. The cross-company interaction under the virtual roof encourages participants to take a deep dive into understanding VR technology, how it can further increase productivity and engagement within their company and explore transforming their business practices for the new age of work-life.

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