Arthur Academy session on “Use Case Discovery”

With upwards of 40 attendees from across industries, Arthur’s third Academy session was a huge success. The Arthur Academy,  a training and networking series available to all our customers, aims to promote collaborative VR learning and application discovery to improve the overall VR experience. The latest session covered the topic of  “Use Case Discovery” and specifically showcased how Arthur was being used by three customers from very different sectors.

During the session, attendees were privileged to discover the following use cases for Arthur: 

  • Strengthening team spirit through VR activities presented by ERGO; 
  • Conducting immersive & engaging trainings presented by a multinational biotechnology company and Onliveline; 
  • Excelling OKR planning in a virtual setting presented by a German multinational car manufacturer

Once all participants joined our guest speakers took the stage and presented how they were using VR to improve specific processes within their organizations. The following are some of the key takeaways: 

Strengthening team spirit through VR activities

In a post-pandemic world, many companies struggle to build team cohesion and team spirit in a remote setting. In certain instances, this might even lead to an emotional disconnect in the workforce. To address this challenge, ERGO, one of the largest insurance groups in Europe, designs and offers customized VR meeting spaces for their business divisions to host training sessions, team meetings, workshops and conferences.

Hosting team activities on a regular basis, ERGO has even been as far as conducting a large activity session with 160 participants spread out across different VR rooms competing against each other simultaneously. VR 

The company has outlined the following benefits of using VR to strengthen team spirit: 

  • The feeling of presence and being in the same room together help the team to grow closer
  • VR caters to a high level of engagement and interaction, as well as unforgettable experiences
  • Possibility of increased frequencies for team events

“The experience of being in the same room together, while physically separated, is powerful and leads to productive work results.

Lea Bötticher, Innovation Manager at ERGO

Conducting immersive & engaging trainings:In the modern hybrid work setting, attention span can be low, distraction high, and interaction possibilities limited when using regular video conference meeting tools. To tackle that issue, a multinational biotechnology company in collaboration with  Onliveline, a German communication consulting agency, prepared a global VR training environment. 

The VR learning journey is divided into three parts. The First part focuses on guiding participants through an emotional invoking exhibition followed by an immersive training which submerges participants into a human body part being learnt about, and concludes with a discussion forum. 

The company has mentioned the following benefits of VR for that use case:

  • Create scenarios that are impossible to recreate in real life
  • Explain complex matters in an understandable way
  • Full focus and attention
  • Cost-effective at scale

As mentioned by the host;  “Arthur does not only consider the VR experience, but supports the whole customer journey with device logistics and onboarding. This positions Arthur as a primary choice among other technical solutions."

Excelling OKR planning in a virtual setting:

Deeper and more complex collaboration might suffer when using video conferencing tools, forcing companies to mandate physical meetings or limit remote work. This and other challenges are some which a German multinational car manufacturer faces yet tackles through the use of VR. Among other VR sessions such as team activities, retros or diverse workshops, this company conducts their OKR (Objectives and Key Result) planning in Arthur. Splitting up in groups helps to derive objectives and key results for the quarter by putting sticky notes on the OKR planning boards.

Some benefits of using VR for this use case that were mentioned include: 

  • Persistent space to come back to: OKR room to review
  • Having all your different content and material in one room
  • Full focus and attention in the sessions
  • Easy group work through audio zones
  • Vast array of productivity tools: pinboard, stickies, whiteboards

Once all guest speakers finalized showcasing their VR spaces, participants had a chance to join the Q&A and networking session. 

Once again we wanted to thank all of our customers for enabling an event with amazing VR experiences and the opportunity to exchange with other like-minded professionals!

To learn more about VR collaboration please follow our blog. If you wish to discuss possible application areas in your organization please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

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