Arthur Academy session on “Learning and Development in VR”

We are tremendously excited to see the constant growth of interest in Arthur Academy sessions - Yesterday we organized the fourth session with more than 50 attendees from different industries. The Arthur Academy, a training and networking series available to all our customers, aims to promote collaborative VR learning and application discovery to maximize the overall VR experience. The latest session was all about VR-based learning and development.

The Arthur Academy session started with a keynote presentation by a representative of the ITC, the training arm of the International Labour Organization. The programme officer and XR expert of ITCILO gave insights on how they use VR to successfully deliver all kinds of training, courses, workshops, and learning journeys to the United Nations ecosystem. She also mentioned that traditional online courses do not fill in all of the gaps in a hybrid and remote work setting, with the participant’s attention and focus being low, high amount of distractions, and missing engagement and interactions. Alternatively, VR brings favorable results, that were based on PwC’s research, for instance, 4x times faster training time, than in the classroom, 4x more focused then e-learning, or 275% more confidence to apply skills after training.

After the first keynote, representatives of the global biopharmaceutical company, together with Onliveline, a communication consulting agency, took the lead and walked participants through a patient’s journey in an especially designed VR landscape. Shrinking ourselves and jumping into a blood vessel, participants were privileged to experience the immersive learning journey that this global biopharmaceutical company leverages to educate and inform HCPs about rare diseases.

Next, our third co-host, NTT DATA, explained how they apply immersive technologies throughout the talent lifecycle to improve candidate and employee engagement with increased flexibility and reduced environmental impact for their clients. Outlining one example of their many VR activities in their future of work programme, NTT Data presented a VR room developed for design thinking trainings. Together with 50 participants, we walked through different stages of the design thinking process. We successfully conducted a human-centered approach to problem-solving on the example of the topic ‘how might we design a VR headset that business professionals actually want to wear’. Moreover, NTT DATA representatives presented some findings on how design thinking in VR drives engagement and creativity. The main points focused on an immersive environment, improved collaborative experience, and reduced distractions.

After the presentations, the session continued with networking and Q&A. We want to take this opportunity and thank all of our customers. We already look forward to our further Academy sessions!

To learn more about VR-enabled collaboration please follow our blog. If you wish to discuss possible application areas in your organization please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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