ERGO Implements Virtual Reality Technology to Enhance Remote Collaboration & Training

ERGO is one of the major insurance groups in Germany and Europe. The Group is represented in over 25 countries worldwide, concentrating on core and growth markets in Europe and Asia. ERGO offers a comprehensive range of insurances, pensions, investments and services. In its home market of Germany, ERGO ranks among the leading providers across all segments. In 2022, ERGO received a total premium of 20 billion euros and paid its customers net policy benefits of 15 billion euros. With a commitment to innovation and a goal to stay ahead of the curve, ERGO has embraced virtual reality technology as a way to enhance collaboration and productivity.

The COVID-19 pandemic presented a unique challenge for companies around the world. With employees forced to work from home and traditional in-person meetings and workshops becoming impossible, ERGO was determined to find a solution that would allow for productive remote collaboration. After conducting intense market research, ERGO chose Arthur Virtual Office as its solution of choice.

The Arthur Virtual Office solution provides a distraction-free virtual environment for remote collaboration, allowing for a level of immersion and engagement that is not possible with traditional video conferencing tools. The solution was first tested by the ERGO Innovation Lab, where it was deemed successful and ready for implementation. Following a presentation to stakeholders, the solution was rolled out at a larger scale allowing ERGO to explore a wide range of use cases for VR technology.

One of the key benefits of the Arthur Virtual Office solution is that it offers a virtual environment that is similar to that of physical space. However, unlike other virtual meeting tools, it has no limitations as well as no geographical constraints. Teams can collaborate in a fully immersive 3D environment, providing an experience that has been well-received by ERGO employees. The technology has been adopted for team meetings, team building activities, and even insurance consulting, where the virtual environment allows for more interactive and engaging sessions.

In addition to enhancing collaboration, ERGO is also using VR technology for sales training. The company has found that VR allows for a more immersive and engaging training experience, and has received positive feedback from sales partners who have participated in the training. This has allowed ERGO to stay ahead of the curve in the insurance industry, as it continues to explore new and innovative ways to utilize VR technology.

The results of ERGO's implementation of Arthur Virtual Office have been impressive. The solution has proved to be productive and well-received by employees and stakeholders. With a commitment to innovation and a drive to provide the best possible experience for its employees and customers ERGO, together with Arthur’s support, is continuously exploring new ways to use VR to enhance its operations and stay ahead of its competitors. 

"With Arthur's Virtual Office solution, we are not only able to bring our team together in a 3D environment on different occasions, despite being in different locations," says Mark Klein, Chief Digital Office at ERGO Group. "Moreover, we are able to provide a digital space for insurance consulting, sales training and education. With Arthur's Virtual Office we are on our way to the metaverse.”

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