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What is arthur?

Enterprise collaboration in Virtual Reality. Arthur enables your organization to meet, collaborate and manage work

Key advantages


Increased Remote Productivity

The true power of in-person collaboration in fully customizable vast virtual spaces.


enterprise-grade security

End-to-end encryption, MFA and high frequency backups, SOC-2.


Beyond Real Life Possibilities

Your infinite real estate, infinitely expandable, with productivity features inherent only in VR.


Premium End-to-end Support

Onboarding sessions, use case support, and full range services.


Get ready for hybrid work.
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How PwC Uses Arthur For Client Workshops

Leading professional services firm PwC has been using Arthur for both internal and client workshops in different formats that require lots of creativity and productivity.

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Arthur Helps ITCILO To Organize Seminars & Workshops

Multiple agencies within the United Nations are collaborating in VR training seminars and workshops - facilitated by the expert group ITCILO.

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I have a team that is based all over the world and we don’t always have a chance to get together. Arthur’s latest build really just changed everything.

We were able to collaborate and get 20+ people in the experience. Their use of spatial audio and the fact that we can build these huge stadium size experiences really moved the needle for us.

Daniel Eckert

Managing Director of PwC Emerging Technology Group

Virtual Reality is one of the essential building blocks of our digital ecosystem. It has a high market potential for us because it provides an immersive learning experience. 

Andreas Klemmer

Director of Training at ITCILO


Make the virtual office your own. Collaborate in different settings with your team, partners or clients

Content creation workshops

The feeling of being in the same room combined with countless digital productivity tools - from pinboard and text labels to mind maps and complex 3D charts

Client Meetings

Vast spaces and digital productivity tools for a successful pitch, QBR, or strategic planning, with 0 travel

Team meetings

All kinds of internal meetings – from daily standups to role playing exercises and reviews, there are no limits

Events and Team Bonding

Company-wide socializing events, conferences or team building. You can grab a virtual drink, gather by a DJ booth or meet up in a cafeteria and share news


Replicate real-life scenarios, with digital tools and capabilities inherent only in VR, to advance your team's skills

I consider Arthur a critical step in delivering the future of VR meetings.
The environment is liberating in comparison to a Zoom video call.
The remarkably good spatial audio and the sudden appearance of this new person in my virtual world had all the markings of real-world spontaneity.
A tool like Arthur, or Arthur itself, is likely the future of collaboration.
Arthur does a lot of things right, and many of them better than other social XR solutions.
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